TikTok Creator Fund Nigeria – How to Apply and Withdraw

TikTok Creator Fund Nigeria

TikTok Creator Fund Nigeria

TikTok has grown to become a name everyone knows. Created by ByteDance, the music-based social media platform has achieved tremendous feats of becoming the most downloaded app in many regions and even outranking Google as the most popular website in 2021.

The large user base of the platform has provided yet another opportunity for young Nigerians to showcase their talents and creativity to a bigger fan base and also earn while doing so. Hence the need to understand what the TikTok Creator Fund is all about.

The term creators is now a popular term on almost every social media platform. Not only is it a tool used to keep fresh content pouring in on the platform to keep users engaged, but it has become an income source for many. Yes, you can make money from social media just by creating content and TikTok is not left out of the box. Hence the purpose of the TikTok creator fund.

TikTok creator fund is the company’s way of showing appreciation to those who keep the many users of the platform engaged and keep them visiting frequently for more. According to the company, “It’s our way of celebrating and supporting creators for your dedication, ingenuity, and spirit.” Since ads are one of the sources of income of the company, creators are usually appreciated with part of the revenue generated from running ads on the platform. After all, the users are coming to the platform to engage with content from creators.

Being a creator on TikTok comes with the following;

  • Monthly Payouts: Earnings are disbursed to creators every month.
  • As a creator of TikTok, you can earn money based on the performance of your content based on metrics like video views, engagements, and others.
  • Access to a dashboard that provides detailed insights and analytics to track your performance and earnings.

Creators tap from the Tiktok creator fund by either live streaming or creating user-consumable media content.

While the TikTok creator fund is one of the new additions to the social media platform, it is not accessible to everyone. The Creator Fund is currently available to creators in the U.S., UK, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain.

The Creator Fund replacement, known as the creativity program beta, promises more income as it centers on creating high-quality, longer TikTok videos. Sadly, it is currently only available to US-based TikTok accounts.

How to apply for TikTok Creator Fund Nigeria

While the feature is currently available to creators in the U.S., UK, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain and not available in Nigeria, it is not bad to understand how to apply for TikTok creator fund Nigeria pending when the location will be added.

To apply for the TikTok Creator Fund, first, you have to meet the eligibility criteria. TikTok Creator Fund eligibility criteria are the following.

  • You must be at least 18 years of age. Minors are not accepted to be creators on TikTok nor have an account on the platform.
  • Your contents must  adhere to the site’s guidelines,
  • You should have an average of 10,000 views on each of your videos.
  • Publish at least three videos in the past month.

If you meet all the above requirements, then proceed to do the following to apply for TikTok Creator Fund Nigeria.

  1. Switch to a Pro Account: Convert your TikTok account to a Pro Account if you are not using one already. Pro accounts have analytics and earnings information which you will need as a creator.
  2. Go to your profile menu on the TikTok app and click on the “Creator Fund” tab. Click on Apply and Complete the Application by filling out the required information. Accept the TikTok’s terms and conditions and then submit it for review.

After a proper review of your Application, if you pass, you’ll receive an email confirmation of your acceptance into the Creator Fund.

TikTok creator fund Nigeria withdrawal

Funds earned are usually calculated based on the number of views generated and the number of engagements on any video that adheres to the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. Only videos made after being accepted into the Tiktok creator fund can generate income for you as the rest before that is not considered. Duets, Stitches, and live-stream videos are also not considered.

For withdrawal, there is a minimum withdrawal threshold. You can only withdraw a minimum of $10. Until you get to that amount, your funds will be accumulated in your TikTok creator fund balance

Once you have crossed the minimum withdrawal threshold, you can go ahead to request a withdrawal. Payment is processed on a monthly basis, so it is going to take 30 days after the end of the month for your funds to be available for withdrawal. So all the earnings you accrued in a month will only be available for withdrawal, 30 days after.

For TikTok creator fund Nigeria withdrawal, you need to request for withdrawal of your earnings provided it’s above the minimum withdrawal threshold. Your withdrawal request will be processed by TikTok and then deposited in your preferred payment account.

Payment details are set up when you register for the TikTok creator fund. Depending on the option available in your region, you can choose PayPal, Zelle, or link your bank account to receive payment. So ensure you’ve provided accurate payment details during the application process.


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